AOSCA Variety Review Board Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I get an application for variety review?

Variety review applications can be found on the AOSCA website under Programs & Services/National Variety Review Boards. If you have trouble locating or obtaining an application, please email us at

2. May I use an older review application from a previous year?

No. Review applications may change from year-to-year and submissions made on outdated forms may need to be resubmitted by the applicant. The AOSCA website will always provide the most current version of the form.

3. What types of AOSCA Variety Review Applications are available?

There are generally two types of applications…a first-time review application for new varieties and amendment applications that are used for varieties that have already been reviewed and accepted for inclusion into seed certification programs.

Varieties may be submitted and accepted under an experimental name. If the owner of the variety selects a permanent name for the variety later, it is their responsibility to submit an amendment application to AOSCA, outlining the request for a name change.

4. How important is it that I meet the application deadline date?

Meeting the application deadline allows adequate time for the pre-review process and gives the review board members sufficient time for a thorough review prior to the meeting.

5. What is the actual process that is used to review a new variety application?

Once submitted to AOSCA, the applications undergo a pre-review process. This is not a review for technical merit, but to identify missing data, confirm conflicting information from one page to another, or to request supporting documentation. We will communicate with you and allow you the opportunity to make revisions and resubmit the application. It will then go before the variety review board for final consideration.

7. How will I be notified about the outcome of the VRB review?

You will be notified electronically of the review board’s recommendations. You may be asked to make revisions or to provide additional information at that time, if requested by the review board.

8. How long am I allowed for providing additional information, if requested?

Typically, the applicant has seven (7) business days from the date of the review (assuming timely notification).

9. How long are VRB applications kept on file at AOSCA?
The original applications are retained for six years.
10. How is the variety information shared?

AOSCA annually compiles a report that includes the summary/description pages of the applications recommended for inclusion into seed certification programs. These reports, and an index of all accepted varieties, are available on the AOSCA website.

11. How frequently are VRB applications reviewed?

The Alfalfa, Grass, and Sunflower Review Boards currently meet once a year. The Small Grain Review Boards meet twice a year.

12. What methods may I use to pay the VRB application fee?

The preferred method is a check (made payable to AOSCA) mailed to our office. If you need to make other arrangements, please contact the AOSCA office.

For Additional Information

For further information about Variety Review Boards administered by AOSCA, please contact the AOSCA office.