Members Area

The purpose of AOSCA

is to assist its members in providing and promoting seed certification, quality assurance, identity preservation, and other services which facilitate the production and distribution of seed, grain, and other plant products.

Its members provide a global network of organizations with the experience and resources necessary to provide these important services to the seed industry and related businesses.

AOSCA member agencies

  • are allowed to issue certificates and seed tags that assure customers they are receiving quality seed and crop products that have met AOSCA’s exacting production and documentation requirements.
  • are evaluated to verify that they are conforming to the Association’s standards. This provides a consistent system of participating organizations throughout the United States and in other international members.

This page provides a link to the current list of AOSCA U.S. Vested Member Agencies, AOSCA Global Vested Member Agencies, as well as related Foundation Seed Organizations.  If you are interested in knowing about the history and structure of each AOSCA member, please refer to the Member Profile links can be found below to learn about these organizations.