AOSCA Certification Requirements & Standards Council (The Council) For 2023-2024

The AOSCA Certification Requirements and Standards Council has the authority to establish, amend, and abolish AOSCA’s official seed certification standards and approved program requirements. AOSCA’s Board of Directors and its Advisory Committee may review all Council actions pertaining to seed certification standards.

Each AOSCA vested member (seed certification agencies) appoints one representative to the Council. The Council membership elects a chairperson from within its ranks, typically at its annual meeting that is held at the same time and place as the AOSCA annual membership meeting.

Each AOSCA region annually selects one person to serve as the vice-chair of the Council. These vice-chairs help the chairperson coordinate the Council’s activities. In addition, the council may establish committees to deal with general certification issues or specific crop topics.

Gail Harris

Canadian Seed Growers Association
(Global Region)

Doan Schmitz

South Dakota Improvement Association
(Northern Region)


Thomas Hardiman

Virginia Crop Improvement Association
(Southern Region)

Jodi Keeling

Oregon Seed Certification Service
(Western Region)